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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Walker's Secret Room

Like many, I've visited the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden countless times, but I have never come across this hidden outdoor room. It is located in the grassy knoll directly behind the Walker Art Center, across the street from the sculpture garden.

The Specs:
- Admission is free because this exhibit is part of the Sculpture Garden.
- Parking is a pain. I suggest biking (there are bike racks near the greenhouse), bussing (a bunch of routes stop right at the Walker), or parking somewhere in the neighborhoods around Loring Park.
- A day that's sunny and has a cumulus cloud-filled sky is the best time to go. There weren't many clouds in the sky on the day I went (see photos), so the photos didn't turn out quite as I had hoped.
- While it's an intimate venue, don't try any funny stuff. There are security cameras mounted in the corners. ;-)
- Stop by the see the Spoon and Cherry while you're at it!

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